Safety first: A few good stretching exercises

Ah, the glorious gym. It’s where we sculpt our bodies, gossip, check out the cute guy and envy those brave enough to flex shirtless. But there are few gym-related things more dangerous than a lack of proper stretching. Though it might seem like a pointless activity, stretching helps us relax our body, warm it up and prepare it for the sculpting with iron, machines and dumbbells.

Ten easy stretching exercises shown on the picture should not be skipped or done just occasionally while you’re pretending to do something but you’re actually spying that guy with great abs. You can start with rope jumping for a few minutes just to get the blood flowing, and then you can progress through these exercises. And those are not good only for the gym; stretching makes you more fit and flexible, and we all know where flexibility comes in handy!

Always stretch before doing heavy lifting.

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