15 Interesting Gay Slang Phrases You Must Know!

Gay slangs aren’t really common among heterogeneous beings. In fact, most people aren’t aware of phrases used beyond the common ones such as “trade” or “kiki”. It is definitely fun to learn new things and know some of the terms used by your gay friends so that you can click with them in a better way.

Gay Slang


Here is a list of 15 interesting bizarre and interesting gay slangs to add into your dictionary. Some of these are uncommon and rarely heard other than in the gay community:

Gay Slang


  1. Basket shopping (v.) – An interesting phrase used to while checking someone out. It refers to examining an object of affection in one’s private parts through clothing.
  2. Chicken (n.) – This slang is used to represent a young homosexual male looking for older men.
  3. Cottaging (v.) – A British slang used for enjoying sex or hooking up in public hotels / resorts.
  4. Doris Day (n.) – A popular South African slang from the 90s used for Gay Pride. Rainbow_Flag_Gay_Pride_New_York_2008
  5. Lacy (adj.) – A phrase used to refer to a foppish, womanly homosexual male.
  6. Lounge lizard (n.) – This phrase is used for someone who is a frequent visitor of bars and make efforts to pick up other people’s mates.
  7. Mother Superior (n.) – A older gay male who is wise, experienced, and knows it all.
  8. Nine-dollar bill (n.) – An extrovert, extremely outgoing, and outward homosexual.
  1. On the make (adj.) – Single eligible and ready to mingle gay male. One who is ready to indulge in casual sex.
  2. Orphan (n.) – someone who has recently been broken up with.
  3. Wrinkle room (n.) – A derogatory term for a bar with clientele mainly comprising of gay males of older age bracket.
  4. Yard boy (n.) – A gay male who loves to have sex in public.
  5. Yestergay (n.) – Well, this isn’t a difficult one to understand! The term is used to refer to a former homosexual who now represents himself as straight in the society.
  6. Zanie (n.) – A phrase from the bygone 19th century phrase used to refer to a male homosexual.
  7. Zipper club (n.) – A sex party or bacchanalia organized in a public area, such as a bar or a bathhouse.

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