Gay Travelers – Where to Go

Beyond visiting relatives and returning to places you’ve built memories before, how do you decide where to travel? How do you choose a place where you’ve never been before, and put it at the top of the “To Go” list? There is so much to consider the food, the scenery, the people, and the politics. For gay travelers, those politics can cut pretty close to home; gay-friendly and unfriendly countries can influence your sense of safety. Or adventure, if you like sticking it to the Man (in more ways than one)



Very gay-friendly: Spain

Very gay-unfriendly: Nigeria








But history is another great thing to consider when choosing a place for your next trip. Every step we take is rooted in time, and every place has felt the passage of time as well. You might choose a place because you want to see with your own eyes where it all went down – a battle in a war or a battle for justice, or the birth of an art or literary movement, or the birth of a famous or infamous figure. Finding yourself on a street where Kerouac walked, or Kahlo painted, or Hines danced, and imagining how it was to be there in that moment; this is what makes travel worthwhile.

Walt Whitman in Camden, New Jersey

But there is also history in the making. We who are alive now in the year 2015, what will future historians say about us? There is a rush in being where the action is happening, be it big and boisterous like a rally, or slowly game-changing like the burgeoning music scene in some up-and-coming city. Some travelers relish seeking out the places and times where history is in progress, and helping to move it along toward greatness. How are you creating the world for future generations to reflect on? What will your impact be?

Celebration in Dublin when Ireland approved gay marriage.


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