The Adventure is in the Journey

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get bored with my life. Not that it isn’t enjoyable, or that I’m not fortunate to have so many advantages, living in this time and place. I go about my business, but sometimes I take a step back and my unimpressed inner voice says, What’s the point? Nothing ever changes. Even if I take a break from the everyday, going on vacation or just taking a drive to a place I’ve never been, that nagging little voice will ask, What am I accomplishing? And I feel like the most spoiled, unappreciative human being on the planet.

But then I realized something. One trip, one drive, is probably not going to change my life, that’s true, but it could change me. And I’m the one who needs to change my perspective in order to get that little voice to shut up.

Take a hike!

Every new experience is a chance to broaden our horizons, to gain a new understanding of the world, to add another layer to the growing ball of rubber bands that is our identities. Taking a minute to appreciate a beautiful building, or sunset, or soccer play, or family, is not a waste of time; it’s the whole purpose of time.

The question to ask anytime you try something new is, Who are you now that you weren’t when you started? How are you better? Are you more informed, more compassionate, more generous? Are you less naïve, less judgmental, less inhibited? There are so many ways to be a better person, and so many adventures can help you become that person. Every adventure is an opportunity to unveil your future self.

Get out there and find him!

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