Dating planner: Best first date ideas

Hint: if you’re a telepath, skip this article – you will already know what he’s thinking.

For the rest of who are not gifted with precognition, mind reading and other paranormal abilities, first dates might seem like a walk in a minefield: so many little things can explode, or come back later to bite us. A poor choice of venue can spell doom for first daters – a dimly lit gay club might seem like an obvious choice, but there are so many potential rivals there! Your task is to steer him away from the crowd and cast your love spell on him. Here is how:

Carnival – whilst it might seem childish, carnivals are secret dating gems. They will allow you to test his sense of direction and motor skills (Ferris wheel, death ride, show your strength), his possible nausea will allow you to hug him more naturally (Whoa there, you might need a little help getting home) and there is always the cotton candy factor. It’s basic dating science that you cannot eat cotton candy and be serious at the same time – he will relax and you can chit chat about anything.

Two spins on the big one and he’s ready for anything.

Karaoke bar – this is the perfect place to get legitimately embarrassed in public and love everything about it. Get a few cocktails and make a fool of yourself while doing the Michelle Pfeiffer from The Fabulous Baker Boys – if that’s too much, stick to the classics like Elvis’s Love me tender.

A man willing to do karaoke in a pink top is a man worth keeping.

Gardening – this is a tricky one. It can happen at your place or in a community garden; but it offers a chance to go shirtless (or to make his take off his shirt) and to present yourself as an environmentally conscious, eco-friendly individual who has a lot of compassion for nature and, by extension, people. You will show him that you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty and do something nice for the environment.

Licensed to operate heavy machinery.

If you’re still new to everything and don’t want to experiment too much, you can just go traditional and take him out to your favorite sushi place or to a nearby bar for a happy hour. But remember, luck follows the brave!

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