High Five: Cutest Celebrity Gay Couples…who tied the knot!

Lance Bass + Michael Turchin

We loved Lance Bass in his NSYNC years, and we still love him for everything he does. His marriage to Michael Turchin, Pop Art painter, received a fair amount of media attention last December. Their vows were even shown on cable television!

Paint a picture on that!

 Zachary Quinto + Miles McMillan

We thought that Zachary Quinto was scary as Sylar and brilliant as Spock, but his best role so far is the boyfriend of Miles McMillan. Miles is a model and an artist, and the two seem to have reached a state of domestic bliss together, moving into a new apartment recently.

Cheyenne Jackson + Jason Landau

Cheyenne Jackson and Jason Landau are another officially married couple on our list. Cheyenne enchanted us in 30 Rock and Glee, and Jason, we fell for his charm as well. Their beautiful California wedding happened last fall, raising the bar for gay wedding organizers everywhere!

Happily ever after!

Dan Savage + Terry Miller

Dan Savage regularly shares his thoughts with the world in his internationally acclaimed Savage Love column – as well as his devotion to his husband, Terry Miller. This couple might not be as big as the others, stardom wise, but they have let us into their lives and shared their voices and opinions with the world. And that’s cute!

Anthony Callea + Tim Campbell

There is just something down right irresistible down there in Aussie land – and that something would be Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell, Australia’s biggest gay celebrity couple. Singing, dancing, acting, TV and stage comes naturally to Tim and Anthony, who wed last year in New Zealand.

They make ‘em hot Down Under!

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