The Food of Love: Charm You Man with Home Made Summer Meal

In an age when you can heat up and microwave just about anything, there is still something to be said about good old-fashioned homemade meals. Besides, nothing is going to charm your man more than a meal prepared by his hubby with love and dedication. That said, and taking into account the old “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach proverb, let’s discuss practical matters.

Making a seven course dinner with five starters and three kinds of wine is a fast track to disaster; so many things can go wrong, and you’ll be so stressed out from cooking that you’ll probably start screaming at him the moment he enters your home, and then it’s all just downhill. That’s why our first recommendation comes from Italy – hey, a country shaped like a boot knows its way around food!

Insalata Caprese – a Sure Way to Get Some Love!

At a glance, it’s just tomatoes seasoned with salt, with mozzarella dipped in olive oil, sprinkled with crushed or fresh basil. But Insalata Caprese (“the salad from Capri“) is a great starter after a long, winding day at work. Your boyfriend will be delighted by the facts it’s colorful, fun, delicious and you can Instagram it right away!

Going along the cooking trails of the Mediterranean, our suggestion for main course would be souvlaki. This strange name hides a ridiculously simple main dish which can never go wrong (unless you burn the house while you’re grilling it, but safety hazards are an entirely different matter).

Skewers – Because Grilling Meet the Usual Way is Too Boring!

Just take chicken breasts (pork and lamb work just fine), chop it into pieces, put it on the skewers and then grill it or fry it in a pan. You can use lemons to season the meat, as well as rosemary or oregano. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to prepare them, along with fries or any other vegetable you want on the side. It’s also an ancient Greek dish, and we all know that ancient Greeks knew their way around good food and good looking guys (300, anyone?).

But the last thing on our list is a dessert not to be trifled with – it’s whipped, it involves cream – by this point you might want to be close to the bedroom because anything can happen! Strawberry whipped cream is light dessert with a heavy impact – it’s going to enchant your man completely!

Whip the Cream with Strawberries and Then Watch the Magic Happen!


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