Summer reading: Vacation books with gay characters!

Drinking and partying on vacation with your boyfriend – sounds like a dream? There are times when we want to party, and then there are times when we want to have a nice swim and just veg out with a good book in hammock. To make this summer more interesting, me and my boyfriend have compiled a list of good summer books with gay characters!

Perfection: sun, sea, daiquiri and a good book!

We’ll start with Brent Hartinger’s Geography Club, a coming of age novel following the misadventures, friendships and ups and downs of gay teens in fictional Goodkind High School. We’ve all been there – social out casting, bullying, and the treacherous waters of young friendship… It’s a fun book to read while you’re sipping your daiquiri.

Interesting and provocative: Geography club.

Alex Sanchez’s Boyfriends with Girlfriends is a funny, entertaining book about gay and bisexual teens finding themselves and exploring the depths of relationships and love. Complications of young love, bisexuality and other issues arise as we follow the characters on their journey towards self reveal.

A Book of Tongues by Gemma Files is for all of us who love alternate history and fantasy. What’s so good about it? Two main villains are a gay couple, and we have none of that stereotyping, black-and-white typecasting we saw in earlier decades. We’re talking about flesh and blood villains, compelling characters that get under your skin and make this book a page-turner.

A real page-turner.

Next one is oldie but goodie. A Single Man was written back in 1964 by Christopher Isherwood. It’s a bit more serious compared to our previous recommendations, but it’s perfect if you want to follow a story of self-reflection, love, coping with the loss of your partner and so on.

Deep but rewarding.

Educational, provocative and, above all, fun, Vito Ruso’s The Celluloid Closet: Homosexuality in the Movies is mandatory reading for all movie fans. Detailed, with thoughtful analysis and covering period up until ’90, The Celluloid Closet will be perfect for beach book browsing.

Superbly interesting!

We’ll finish our list with Holding the Man. A memoir of an Australian writer Timothy Conigrave is hot, introspective, adventurous and intriguing at the same time, taking us on a wild ride with him and his partner through the years.

An excellent book from Australia.


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