You are what you eat: Gay friendly food products

The list starts with our favorite vodka: Absolut. Absolut also brought us naked Jason Lewis as Absolut Stud, so we’re pretty positive about the company’s messages regardless of their tone.

Absolutely supportive

Are you a beer man? Perhaps your darling husband loves to pop open a six pack and veg out in front of the TV with you? Well, now you can do it with Bud Light, knowing that the company is on our side. Note: the Bud’s rebranded image of two cans angered a lot of people on Facebook.

Now even the beer is on our side

Oreo’s have expressed their support towards gay people by coloring their world famous cookie in rainbow’s colors. That turned quite a few heads and got a lot of media attention, but the everyone was mostly wondering what the taste of those six fillings is!

That’s a lot of filling

Levi’s support towards marriage equality is nothing new: they were a part of anti-prop 8 movement with their white ribbons displayed in their stores. The world renowned jeans and clothing company also supports equality in employment and other areas.


We’re still waiting for rainbow colored jeans.

We started with vodka, we’ll finish with vodka. Smirnoff knows what gay couples like to put in their cocktails!


It is, as long as it has vodka in it

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