Gay Dating in the Upper Classes: How to Use a Salad Fork 101

You’ve met a guy and he’s gorgeous: has abs to die for, manners of a gentleman and treats you like a princess. You’re going to all those fancy restaurants and having high class dinners together, but you’re sadly baffled by the things like the spork, you dread the splayd and are haunted by the spoon straw. Well, here are a few helpful tips on how to recognize and deal with various cutlery pieces on the table, which will surely make your high class boyfriend love you even more.

Your gentleman boyfriend – artist’s representation.

You’re doing it wrong.










First off, there are European and American styles of using forks and knives. We favor the European because it’s more convenient: the knife in the right hand, the fork in the left. When you cut your food, you use the fork to eat it (no switching hands). It will show your gentleman boyfriend that your continental manners are not to be underestimated!

Finally, cutlery positions demystified.

Now that you know the positions of the cutlery, you can relax even in the best restaurants or in your boyfriend’s mansion – no one can say you’re brutish and barbaric. Of course, there is a small matter of cutlery positions – I usually use one fork, one knife and one spoon, but if you want to be truly fancy you must use a soup spoon, salad fork and dessert fork, as well as water goblet (glass), red & white wine glasses. The simple trick is – start on the outside and use them as the dinner progresses. When there is a soup, use the next available spoon on your right. When there is a dessert, look for a small dessert fork. And when there is a salad, your new friend will be the salad fork.

Casual dinner in a high class society.

Of course, you don’t have to know all of these things to date a high class gay guy – he fell for you already so you must have some qualities to begin with (wink, wink).


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