Behind the Fight for Marriage Equality

“Up until recently, the most important thing I ever did was…” Devon racks his brain. “Maybe that time I won a pie-making contest. Not very impressive.” Well, what kind of pie? we inquire. “Cherry.” Ooh, fancy. “But now, I fight for a good cause on a daily basis, with not a pie in sight. Out of sight; well, that’s another question.”

There are worse ways to spend one’s time.

So, what changed? we ask. Without saying another word, Devon points toward Brian, who waves cheerily. So, you’re the mastermind behind this character make-over? “That I am,” Brian says proudly.

Devon and Brian have been fighting for marriage equality worldwide: Brian since he was in high school, and Devon since he met Brian three years ago. “It’s been so exciting to see things changing in the recent past. When I was a young kid, I never would have imagined I would see so much progress in my lifetime.” Brian and Devon are involved in big and small ways, Brian relates. “We write letters to congresspeople, we join protests here and abroad, we lobby for funds for human rights groups; whatever we can do to help.”

Devon and Brian relive memories of past stops on the marriage equality campaign.

“We’ve gone all over for this movement,” Devon says. “We’ve gone to Italy in support of Arcigay, to Australia in support of Australian Marriage Equality, and to Thailand in support of Anjaree. We’ve been to Kentucky to stand with the couples who’ve been turned away from the city clerk’s office when they went to get their marriage license.” He shakes his head. “It can be really frustrating sometimes. But then we spend time with these people and we hear their stories and we talk about strategies to support the cause, and we get reinvigorated.”

When Brian was a teenager, the marriage quality movement connected with his beliefs about gay rights. “It just felt like one tangible thing I could do to help improve our quality of life.” Devon, however, took a little longer to see the importance of gay marriage. What, we ask him, held him up in the past?

“We laughed, we cried, it was better than Cats” – Brian on the historic day for the U.S.

Devon glances at Brian. “It never mattered to me before.”

What’s that we hear?

What’s that we hear?

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