Green is the new black: Easiest indoor plants

You two are finally ‘living together’ in Gay domestic bliss – you’ve chosen the drapes, the sofa, and the dining room carpet. The colors match perfectly, fengshui is balanced, you feel comfortable… yet, your other gay friends’ homes seem to be cozier, more alive somehow. That’s probably because you forgot the plants!

Enriching your home with something which is alive, low maintenance and produces oxygen might seem like a Herculean task – after all, haven’t we all managed to kill a plant or two in our lifetime? The good news is that there are plants which are almost indestructible and will make you and your boyfriend’s place of living – a true home.

Dracaena is a hardy houseplant which also acts as a powerful air cleaner. Have you expected anything less from a plant believed to contain dragon’s blood? There are half a dozen of commercially sold hybrids, and you can choose from bright leafed varieties to red leafed ones. In addition, doesn’t its stem remind you of something?

Bright but not direct light, good drainage and warmth.

Next on our list of plants for busy gay couples is Sansevieriatrifasciata, better known as mother-in-law’s tongue. And yes, the plant really is as tough as your mother-in-law – you can starve it, give it to the flames or water it with bleach, but it will still keep coming back. Just like his mother.

Virtually indestructible, just like the in-laws.

The jade plant (Crassulaovata), a.k.a. the money tree, is an easy to grow succulent (that name is bound to cause a few laughs every time you use it) which will bring much needed warmth in your home. It needs little water and a lot of sunlight, but rewards you with blossoms, beautiful shapes and (hopefully) good financial luck. You can also make it into a bonsai tree and become the envy of all of your gay househusband friends!

Bringing gay couples fortune since time immemorial.

Of course, no list would be complete without the peace lily. Peace lily (Spathiphyllum) is the best plant for gay couples who just started living together. First of all, it is nature’s most potent air purifier. Second, it requires little light and water and no special conditions. But beautiful white flowers are what makes this plant so popular – your home will look dazzling during luncheons, brunches and casual coffees with other gay couples.

Peace lily – the queen of easy indoor plants.

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