Denim made in Heaven: Choosing the right type!

Ah, jeans… I don’t know of a person who doesn’t own at least one pair. Originally designed as a working outfit, jeans have risen to the pedestal of must-have clothing and aren’t going to move any time soon. For us gay men, jeans allow us to show our best bits no matter the side they come from. Even as a couple, you have to match styles and coordinate the looks. But there are few things you have to know about denim before buying a pair of jeans.

Denim? That must be his name!

Dry denim (or raw denim) has not been washed after being dyed. Any sort of fading and shrinkage will happen in accordance with the way you wear them – but word to the wise, raw denim can unpleasantly surprise you after washing it on higher temperatures! It can look pretty and appealing, but you should opt for washed denim any day – if nothing else, to prevent the cries of your boyfriend after you pull them out of the washing machine or dryer.

Damn you, washing machine!

Stonewashed denim is your average Joe denim, its fibers roughened by large stones in industrial washers. When you actually say jeans, you mean jeans made of stonewashed denim. It found its way to our wardrobe thanks to its legendary durability and practicality. You know where you stand with stonewashed denim – the familiar cracks and folds are already there. You probably kissed your first guy wearing one of these (and vice versa).

Stonewashed denim, covering our privates since the ’50.

Stretch denim is a modern twist on a classic appearance – it has elastic fibers and is mostly used for slim and tight fit jeans. Do not dread them, because it’s also used in regular cut jeans to allow the freedom of movement. Many gay guys today are wearing it, allowing us to comment on their private parts without public nudity taking place.

Stretching the limits of our imagination!

Selvage denim (corruption of selfedge) is all the rage right now because its edges don’t fray, and after a few months it gets its owner’s natural shape and fold. It is thicker and heavier compared to other types, so it’s not really a summer choice.

Unique and resilient: selvage.

Other notable types would include waxed (with the glossy look, similar to leather pants), poly denim (a blend of polyester and regular denim) and ramie cotton denim (has a silkier feel to the touch). Of course, you and your boyfriend are free to choose any type you want!  But the best part is: taking them off!

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