Gay Vacay: Falling in love with Rome!

The old saying says that all roads lead to Rome – and we agree. Gay couples who prefer active, artsy vacations with fantastic cuisine and a touch of history on the side – pay close attention!


Millenniums of culture on top of Tiberius river.


Rome is the epicenter of world’s tourism industry and, in fact, November is the only month of off-season (meaning you will have to wait two hours instead of five to get to Coliseum). If the winter was coming, we haven’t noticed it since it was 25 degrees Celsius at the end of November. You and your boyfriend can rent a room, an apartment or any sort of accommodation anywhere; no one is even going to blink twice when you book a room for two guys.


One of the world’s wonders


We’re not going to list all of Rome’s landmarks and monuments – otherwise the article would be the size of a phonebook – but while you will surely visit the Vatican, St. Peter’s basilica and Castel Sant’angelo, pay close attention to some of the lesser know tourist destinations like the beautiful church of Santa Maria della Maggiore or freaky, ghoulish and one of a kind Capuchin crypt! Musei Capitolini (museums, as in plural) are the oldest public museums in the world – we managed to see 1/3 of it after a whole day there! If you want a good drink, simply say vino de la casa and you can’t go wrong.


Piazza del popolo – amazingly beautiful public square in Rome.


Of course, this should be a gay vacation, and no gay vacation is complete without gay clubs and bars. While Rome is a bit more closed compared to Milan (which boasts Fashion week), it has the Trastevere neighborhood with a decent number of gay cafés, bars and restaurants. Near Coliseum you’ll find Via San Giovanni in Laterano, the official Gay Street of Rome. Perhaps you’re in the mood for shopping? This is Italy, after all; there are designer stores, outlets and boutiques all over the place.


Remember 300 and Spartacus? These are their descendants


A word to the wise: get yourself a Roma Pass, thus skipping the waiting line for the Coliseum and other places you might want to visit – it saved us 4 hours of waiting in line (there is a VIP line if you have Roma Pass).


Coliseum is left, Capitolini is right, and the gays are in the middle.


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