Prime time: How to pick the right watch?

Watches are incredibly important pieces of every guy’s wardrobe (and it goes twice for us gay men). Your watch is a fashion statement, extension of your personality, your tool in the ongoing battle of social interactions. But how to choose the right watch? There are literally thousands of models commercially available, and we know that shopping is every gay man’s kryptonite. Since we have an abundance of experience when it comes to watches, here’s a few tips from your average gay couple.

I usually prefer more casual watches, while my boyfriend is all about high elegance and style. You need to ask yourself a question – where am I going to wear this watch? Luxurious golden timepieces are not worn during pool parties, while diving watches with barometers and a resistance of 50 bars of pressure are not usually found in board meetings.

Unless you’re Scrooge McDuck, skip it.Once you know where you will actually wear your watch, it’s time to think about the strap. While some argue that metal bracelets provide elegance, I personally think that leather strap has volumes of it. Metal bracelets can give you too much of that business or Magnum P.I. look, while leather is good for both business and pleasure (sounds a bit wrong said out loud). Other materials, like rubber and canvas, are great if you’ll be wearing your watch on informal gatherings, college or while clubbing.

Strap on, guys. No puns!

Next thing that comes to mind is the size of the dial. Just like in real life, there’s too small and too big – and you need to find the right one. Guys usually need watches with dials between 38 and 48 millimeters. We’ve even done our homework and found this online size guide – just print it, cut it and try it on for size.

Bigger is not always better.Also, decide which functions you actually need – a watch always tells time (and maybe date), but perhaps you don’t need 2-3 additional dials, bright and flashy colors, tacky details… Pay attention to the color – black is classic, silver is a bit more elegant, while gold can go both ways – but can also cause a fashion disaster if you’re not careful with your outfit.

Perfect blend of elegant and casual.

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