A Modern Family

“We didn’t want to make a big deal about which of us was the biological father,” Philip says. He and his partner,  Rudolfo, had baby Estéban, now nine, with the help of a donor egg and a surrogate. “But as Estéban grew out of his baby fat, we could deny it no longer: He is a mini Rudolfo, through and through!”

Rudolfo laughs and shakes his head. “Poor kid!” he says. “Personally, I think he looks more like his mom.” And what does she look like? “No idea,” he admits, grinning. “But whatever Estéban’s genes say, Philip’s influence cannot be understated. If Estéban is the miniature version of anyone, it’s Philip.”

Philip and Rodrigo tell of a time when Estéban, at about age three, was frantically searching for one of his favorite toys, looking high and low and under and behind. Not finding it, he dropped his arms to his sides, tilted his face toward the ceiling, and stated, “This is NOT happening right now.” The two say they had to get up and walk into another room to silently scream with laughter. “He was channeling Philip!” Rodrigo cries. “It was a little mortifying to see my toddler son mimicking my drama queenliness so accurately,” Philip says, “but his little face, so serious…I just had to say, ‘THAT’S my boy!’”

When Rudolfo and Philip married in 2001, they had no idea how long it would take them to be able to raise a child. “At first we weren’t terrible concerned about having kids,” Rudolfo says, “but after a few years it became more urgent. We thought we were getting too old!” he laughs. “Little did it know how long it would take.” It took them more than five years to save up enough money for the surrogacy process. “But we’re so glad we made the commitment,” says Philip, “because Estéban is the best thing we’ve ever done.”

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