Get cool at the pool!

During the hot summer, the only thing on your and your boyfriend’s mind is how to cool off. Sure, air conditioning helps (if you have it), but being crammed in your apartment/house, no matter how big it is, is going to make you feel like a caged animal. Sooner or later, you have to get out – and the best place to go is the pool! You can chill out in the water, swim a bit, ogle… There are few things that bring couples together like checking out other hot couples on the pool and commenting on their attire and looks.

That said, there are a few types of guys you’ll meet at every pool on this planet. First one is The Pack – a clique or group of friends who came together and they stick together. They shower together, go to the café together, and don’t leave each other’s side even in the water. Coincidently, they don’t really spend much time in the water, preferring to stand around the pool and show their goods. Hey, we’re not complaining! You and your man can try to establish contact, but these guys stick together.

The pack.

The next type is the Watcher, otherwise known as the stalker. The Watcher will find himself a cozy place near the water and observe everything that transpires. Every time you look at him, you’ll find him looking back. It’s a bit creepy and it happened to us a few times, so we’d recommend you to avoid this guy by wearing dark sunglasses and avoid glancing in his direction more than twice.

I’ve got my eye on you!

The Adonis, on the other hand, isn’t looking at anyone; all eyes are on him. He’s not at the pool to do mundane things like bathing and tanning, he’s there to show off his perfect, god-like body to other mortals and bask in their admiration. While it is fun to watch Adonis for a time, you’ll eventually get bored of him.

Bringing joy to mortals!

The Prankster – this guy comes straight from Jackass; he jumps in the water with a triple somersault, does a hand stand on the very edge of the pool, dives and then jumps in front of you smiling. The pranksters can be annoying, but they, just Cindy Lauper, just wanna have fun.

Wee, wee, look at me!

Of course, no list would be complete without The Hypochondriac – there is always a guy who wears a swimsuit which was popular back in let’s say the 1920s, he has a tanning lotion with a factor of 80 and is welding helmet to cover his head and chest. While it’s always good to be cautious, you don’t need to take it to the extreme like him.

Germs, germs everywhere!

Germs, germs everywhere!

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