Tribulations of the Solo Traveler

Not every trip is a Hollywood-caliber adventure with the perfect soundtrack. You might put together the perfect opportunity for abandoning your everyday life to find romance and excitement, only to find yourself alone in a crappy hotel room during a rainstorm, commiserating with daytime talk show hosts about the perils of online banking. How did this happen?!

But, I think this guy gets me…

Although taking a trip doesn’t always mean transporting yourself to another reality without all the tedium and sadness of this one, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time, and, even in a rainstorm, find an interesting person to spend some time with.

Hard to tell from this angle, but just trust me on this.

The simplest, most obvious advice? Get out of that lonely hotel room. (Which, if you want to treat it as a metaphor, means take a step outside of your comfort zone.) You may technically be alive in there, but are you really living? There’s a world out there. Get all up in it. Experience the rainstorm – heck, go find the windiest, wettest spot of it and really sink it in! Because you know what’s out there in that rain? Another lust-for-life rain-embracer waiting for a kindred spirit, or a willing companion who could learn to lust for life too.

We don’t all grow out of it.

If throwing yourself at the mercy of the weather gods sounds more like misery than opportunity, what other ways can you open yourself up to the world, and to love? If you’ve stuck with tourist spots, why not hit up the spots where the locals go? Sometimes the best places are the ones you won’t find on Yelp. And on the flip side, if you spend most of your time people-watching in the business district (guilty!), you may not be seeing people at their best. Check out places where people go to relax and enjoy themselves, like parks, hiking trails, and art galleries.


This guy looks like he needs a friend, eh?

At the very least, you’ll be making memories you might actually want to keep.

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