Perfect gay honeymoon: Provincetown!

So, you’ve decided to make that final step and get married with your guy? Before you start calling your butcher, baker and candlestick maker, you need to pick a nice, memorable, affordable but elegant location for your honeymoon! After all the commotion and chaos of the wedding preparation and the ceremony itself, the last thing you want to do is worrying about travel, hotels, local cuisine and sleeping arrangements.

Welcome to P-town, boys!

P-town (Provincetown) is a resort at the very end of Cape Cod and a perfect destination for your honeymoon – it has art, beaches, harbor, nightlife and plenty of other gay couples and hot guys to your liking! You two can get there by ferry from Boston or take a short flight. Once you’re there, consider White Porch Inn, Romeo’s Holiday or Boatslip Resort as your base of honeymoon operations (along with Admiral’s Landing and Brass Key).

White Porch Inn, perfect for gay honeymooners.

Your mind is probably wondering if there are gay clubs, bars and such in P-town? Good news – it’s loaded with it! You two can take your pick from gay-friendly restaurants (Lobster Pot, Bayside Betsy’s, Edwige), gay bars (A-house, Wave, Purgatory, Monkey bar, Shipwreck lounge, Macho bar) to gyms, spas and beaches.

Fairytale sunsets – Herring Cove beach

P-town is a perfect blend of beach resort partying and small town charm; it has a strong art scene (you two can go antique hunting and cruise museums if you want art on your honeymoon) and a dedicated gay community – you and your husband will never be lonely in Provincetown!

Carnival in P-town.

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