Help me with this axe: Lumbersexual look!

Just to get things clear – wood chopping skills are not mandatory if you want to have a lumbersexual look! You don’t need an axe, barn-building skills are optional; you’ve probably never been outside the metro area and wouldn’t know a wood if it’d smack you on the head. But seriously, lumbersexual look brought a lot of excitement to gay men everywhere, bringing back the roots of masculinity on stage. Down with the metrosexual, long live lumbersexual!

Find the safety hazard in this picture!

What’s so great about lumbersexual look? Well, it’s more casual, relaxed and informal compared to metrosexual. It includes denim (lots of it), buttoned shirts, flannel, beer… you know, all the things we secretly enjoy with our boyfriends, while everyone else thinks we’re too educated and upper class for that. Having a six pack of good beer after a long week at work, hugging your man dressed in comfortable flannel shirt and straight-legged jeans – is there a better, warmer feeling than that?

Suspenders – optional

It’s still not acceptable in the sauna.

Lumbersexual look is all about getting back to simpler times, times of working class, blue collars and honest day’s work. It does take some effort, though; you have to pick the right denim, flannel shirts and Instagram filters; the beard needs to be trimmed and well-groomed (no hobo beard). But it appeals to our primal, carnal attraction towards men – that’s why my boyfriends loves when I don’t shave!

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