Swimming with gay fishes: Make your own blue lagoon

Living together with your boyfriend was supposed to be a fairytale come true. But a multitude of little things come together to annoy your man and yourself: from hostile working environments and business-related stress to toilet seats left up, dirty dishes, lack of homemade meals… the stress keeps piling up and looms over your domestic bliss like a thunder storming cloud, ready to rain hail on your happiness.

Whilst there are things you can’t change in your life, your home should be your fortress, a veritable sanctuary of happiness. And is there a better way to make it into one than keeping a fish tank? Yeah, there might be, but none of them has such a huge positive effect on our lives. Keeping an aquarium takes a bit of work, sure, but it will give you and your boyfriend something to do together when you come back home (other than dishes and wine coolers).


Explosion of color and happiness.

You two can design an aquarium together and let the creative juices do all the work. With a number of materials available, you can make entire landscapes in the water, ranging from lush meadows and mountain tops to waterfalls and caves (yeah, you can make a waterfall in the water. That’s a thing).


Your very own little house on the prairie.

You can also choose between a variety of shapes and sizes.

We guarantee no one has this as a centerpiece!

In addition, the motion of the bubbles and swimming of the fish has an alluring, calming effect on anyone who’s watching it. Both the scientists claim there are health benefits (reduced stress, lower blood pressure) as well as feng shui experts (produces positive energy & eliminates negative energy and brings good karma, prosperity and wealth into your home). It’s also a fantastic conversation opener and will provide your guests with something to look at (other than you and your fabulous boyfriend).

Another good reason for a fish tank is of pecuniary nature – i.e. its cost-benefit ratio is much better compared to other pets. It’s true that you can’t pet a fish or walk it in the park (if you’re doing that, you’re doing it all wrong), but other than initial investment, fish require little food and a bit of electricity for light and air pump.

Your very own corner of paradise.

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