How the World Finally Came To Accept Gay Marriages. Part I

Homosexuality has been part of everyday society since history books began, and can even be traced back to the Neanderthals period. Same sex relationships between men and women have been side-by-side with heterosexuals, so what’s the big deal?

This article is going to look back through history and take us to the present and contrast just how society has changed in 200 years During the time of the Roman Empire, history tells of huge parties that would later turn into orgies with men going with men and women with women. It was never frowned upon on the contrary it was sometimes encouraged. A Roman could be with other men, but if only he didn’t lose status or masculinity. There are many sculptures and museum pieces today depicting Roman orgies and men with men.

After the Romans had gone and the world started to take shape people began looking back at history for reference and teachings and the stories of Homosexual orgies that were rampant started to form negative views with many people regarding same sex relations. This forced homosexual males and Lesbian females to conduct relations behind closed doors at out of sight and over the next few hundred years, up to and beyond the industrial revolution it remained this way. Unfortunately there was now a stigma attached to homosexual and lesbian people. Attitudes changed again and now homosexuality was considered a disease.

Here young gay men are enrolled in boxing classes designed to beat the homosexuality out of each other

After World War 1 had ended, perceptions and views changed again, helped along the way by some shocking propaganda material that was show in the movie theatres and leaflets handed out. And sadly, by the 1930’s there was worldwide disgust for homosexuals and they were once again forced indoors, away from public. However this privacy would soon be shattered by a new terror that wanted to eradicate Homosexuals from history…

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