Big Spanish gay vacation: Sitges!

If you and your man are thinking about visiting Spain, but want to avoid huge cities and just relax on the beach – then Sitges is your top choice! This idyllic Spanish coastal town is near Barcelona, tucked away on the coast of the Balearic sea (relax, it’s a part of the Mediterranean and close to Ibiza). It’s not called Saint-Tropez of Spain for nothing – Sitges boasts beautiful beaches, a superb art scene and fantastic gay parties and clubs!

San Sebastian beach, Sitges.

Sitges is known for its cosmopolitan spirit, since almost a third of population are British, French and Dutch expats living there permanently. With an abundance of gay bars and clubs (Barcode, Casablanca, El Horno, Privilege, XXL, La Villa, Comodin, etc.) you and your husband can spend a day at the beach and later hit the clubs, dancing your way till dawn!

Beach fun in Sitges, gay edition.

The main gay beach in Sitges is Bassa Rodona, though you and your man can try Balmins (it’s a nudist beach with a mixed crowd) or l’Home Mort  which is small and clothing optional, but it’s quite nice.

Although Sitges can be a bit expensive, there are hotels for everyone’s taste and wallet. Parrrots, Calipolis, Platjador… take your pick, from the 1-star budget options to 5-star luxurious establishments where you’ll be pampered and spoiled until you can take no more of it!

Bird view of Sitges.

Sitges is not short of tourist attractions and museums, either. If you two want to cruise the place, be sure to pay attention to its beautiful architecture as well as Casa Bacardi, Museu Maricel and Fundació Stämpfli (there are more museums and art galleries than just these three). Sitges might be small, but it packs quite a punch art and entertainment-wise. It also has one of the most interesting gay Prides in Europe! Skip Barcelona and head on down…

Gay pride in Sitges.

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