His majesty the hat: Trilby time!

Vacation time can mean a lot of fun, as well as a lot of sunstrokes, dehydration and general and overall feeling that like you’re stuck in Hell and sweating your heiny off. Though my darling boyfriend and I function excellently well as a couple, he prefers the scorching heat of summer, while I favor the chilling winds of winter. Consequently, I am always looking for shade and something to use as a fan. At least I was up until the moment I discovered the trilby!

Keeps your head cool and makes you hot.

Trilby, which gets mixed up with the Fedora most of the time, is an excellent summer hat. It is narrow-brimmed but not too big (it beats the fedora in informal, casual settings due to its smaller size), provides just enough shade and protection from the sun, and the most important thing – makes you look gorgeous!

No, they’re not the same!

Yes, trilbies and fedoras were the butt of all jokes in recent years, causing a lot of online hate. There is an unwritten rule that you should choose your hat in proportion to your shoulders, meaning I should wear ridiculously oversized cowboy hats. If I were you I wouldn’t really worry about that – choose what makes you feel comfortable and what fits you. And when the thermometer reaches 104 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade and you absolutely have to leave the house, you better have something on your head other than your hair!

Perfect for summertime! And the hat is nice too!

Good for Pride parade.


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