So many hot guys: Warwick rowers!

If all rowers were as hot and interesting as the ones from Warwick, we’d all be grabbing our oars and heading to the nearest river as we speak! Hotness aside, the University of Warwick boat club (male edition) has attracted a lot of media attention in recent years – they did a small calendar back in 2009 with artsy and tasteful nude photos of their members (no pun intended), which exploded all over internet and media.

Row, row, row your boat…

The main reason behind their calendar in 2009 was to fundraise enough money for equipment – as they say on their site, to keep the club afloat. The huge success of the calendar was followed by posters, prints, stationery, movies and video clips… all featuring these incredibly hot guys having fun!

Warwick rowers in all of their glory.

No, this is a not a gay man’s fantasy – these guys are real athletes, and Warwick boat club counts Olympian athletes and competitive rowers as its members. In 2012, after a few successful years of their now-legendary calendar, they’ve decided to help battle homophobia and created a Sport Allies outreach program.

Yum yum!

What can we say? Except for: thanks guys, see you next year on my wall!

Gently down the stream…

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