Packing for a gay vacation: Leaving the hat box behind!

There comes a time where every man has to admit to himself and his husband that he’s bad at something. In my case, it’s packing; I’m an obsessive packer. I start packing like a normal person, only to end up trying to stuff our entire collection of picture frames, along with grandfather clock, in the bag because I need them. Lucky for me, my significant other is a rational packer and knows what and what not to pack.

A good example of how NOT to pack!

You don’t need every hat, shirt and suit you have. One hat for the beach, maybe two, will do just fine. Likewise, bring mostly casual shirts made from light materials (cotton, silk), because it’s a vacation and you don’t need to look your best. If you do want to bring something classier, pack it separately in a packing cube or a plastic bag. Your best helper here is the so called rule of three – three shirts, three pairs of pants, three pairs of shoes… you get the point. Be sure to coordinate colors with rule of three and bring enough underwear and socks – and you’re good to go!

You’re doing it WRONG!

When it comes to electronics, do check which type of charger your cell phone or tablet uses – if they’re all using usb-mini port for charging (as in our case of four cell phones and three tablets) you don’t need to pack them all – two will do just fine. Remember to check if you need a power converter where you’re going!

Avoid unnecessary cables and chargers!

Remember to pack your toiletries, therapy you might use (anti-allergy medicine, painkillers) and personal stuff like condoms and lubes in a separate bag and put it in the main bag close to the surface. If you absolutely need them with you, check the safety guidelines of your airline company.

Just one more thing!

Don’t compress your luggage too much – sometimes the internal pressure of my bag exceeds that of the Sun’s core. And later I keep thinking why my stuff is wrinkled so much? Airlines have a weight limit, but if you’re travelling by train, bus or car, you can usually take as many bags as you want. And leave the proverbial hat box behind – the only luggage you need is your beloved boyfriend!

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