Match made in heaven: You two and Skiathos!

When it comes to summer vacations and gay couples, Greece seems to be the Promised Land. With an abundance of beautiful towns, villages and unreal beaches, the island of Skiathos is a real jewel to be treasured.

El Dorado of gay vacations: Skiathos.

Skiathos may be small, but packs quite a punch: it has more than 60 (yes, SIXTY) beaches and lush pine forests – can you imagine anything better than that? You can reach it by airline or by boat service (we recommend the first option). Regarding gay friendly establishments, hotels and pensions, there are many: Skiathos Princess, Despoina, Babis, Fresh rooms and studios, Mahi studios… but even if your hotel is not explicitly gay, no one will bother to look at you and your boyfriend twice; there are even agencies offering gay weddings in Skiathos!

Your big fat Greek wedding!

We were impressed with the sheer number of beaches, but nothing could prepare us for their beauty until we’ve seen it with our own eyes – the beaches of Skiathos are mostly sandy, with clean and clear waters that go from dark blue to light topaz.

Beaches of Skiathos.

Over 60 beaches on the island.

Gay cafes and bars: there is the De Facto bar, the best known gay bar on the island. It’s a mixture of traditional Greek tavern and a traditional gay bar, meaning there are loads of fun and interesting people whom you can get to know. Though Skiathos town doesn’t have a gay scene in a sense Mykonos does, it’s more interesting and vivid; the night life is great, regardless of your sexual orientation. Brits and Scandinavians are leading the way, with lots of Italians and Germans visiting in recent years. The most famous gay beach is called Banana beach (hm, we wonder why!).

Gay beach called “little banana”.

De Facto bar, de facto the best gay bar on the island.

So, it’s time to pack your bags and enjoy your vacation – once you and your husband are on Skiathos, have a shot of ouzo or a cup of Greek coffee, and enjoy the otherworldly beauty of beaches, local cuisine and hospitality!

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