Gay it up a notch: Gay wedding decorations!

Of course, we don’t doubt that you and your boyfriend have impeccable taste – but there comes a time when we want something in our home which represents the devotion and love we feel for each other. And delicate china with men and women holding hands is not quite what we had in mind, no matter how expensive and beautiful it is.

Recently we came across ThatGaySite which sells decorations, cards and few other items exclusively for LGBT couples. We immediately fell in love with their wedding cake topper for gay couples! It can also be a nice memento of your wedding.

No, it’s not edible!

We also adored this discreet bronze sculpture. While it’s not flashy and colorful, it packs a powerful message and adds a certain somber, yet elegant note in anyone’s home.

This is also a cake topper, but we’ll keep it in the den

Another thing we liked is art prints (of course, we cannot post quality images of art prints).  Let us just say they involve a lot of inspirational messages, beautiful designs and a few different styles, so anyone can find something.

Personalized glassware is something that might seem tacky in theory, but in practice – it’s adorable!


We wish you all the happiness in the world!

Remember, you don’t have to settle for neutral wedding invites when you can have the real thing. After all, it’s your special day!

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