Gay food for your dude!

How would you like to do something gastronomically special for your husband? Whilst some would argue that toiling on the stove is degrading, conservative and retro, I’d argue that it shows dedication, love and care for what you two eat! You two can also have loads of fun making a few of these recipes together!

Rainbow popsicle!

Rainbow popsicles are easy make, easy bake (actually no bake at all). Here’s a handy video recipe from Eugenies Kitchens YouTube channel:

Best of all, they’re quite healthy due to all the fruits involved in the preparation, and perfect for long, warm summers!

Gay food isn’t just about sweets – we have to watch our carb intake and whatnot. Rainbow cob salad is salty yet easy, strong but tasty and puts a smile on anyone’s face!

Rainbow cob salad has everything: tomatoes, carrots, cobs, blueberries, cabbage, meat and bacon – so can be a full, well-rounded mean in itself! The recipe is not complicated and you’d need approximately 20 minutes to make it – a real time saver! Full recipe can be found here.

How about a veggie rainbow pizza? It’s great for vegans-vegetarians and meat eaters, it’s healthy because of all those vegetables and you don’t have to worry if anyone is allergic to anchovies! Here’s the full recipe.

Delicious rainbow pizza!

But making a meal isn’t just about the food – it’s about the drinks as well. Sangria has been our friend for decades now, lulling us gently into sleep with its alcoholic charm.

Sangria Arco Iris – rainbow sangria!

Tipsy Bartender YouTube channel has a fantastic recipe for Arco Iris Sangria (we can just call it rainbow, but Arco Iris adds an exotic tone to the whole thing).

In the end, remember to have fun while making some of these recipes – the point is not to slave on the stove, but to have fun (either solo or with your boyfriend) and change what you eat for the better!


Regular food, rainbow edition!

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