Pink Money

Nowadays being gay has never been so lucrative and being gay and getting married even more so. So what’s the reason? The simple answer is that people have woken up. Businesses, travel, entertainment, even politics have seen the huge amounts of money that can be made, in a variety of different ways all geared towards the gay community.

As far back as 1998 the gay economy was worth an estimated $560 billion dollars, up to 2012 and this number is $790 billion dollars, in the U.S. alone! How are these huge amounts made? For starters, gay men and women in relationships both tend to work. Some are extremely well paid. Enter into a marriage and both salaries combined can be large sums of money. Them of course there are all the businesses around the world that have taken notice and suddenly there are hundreds if not thousands of companies, entertainment choices, fashions that all cater to the gay community

Suddenly nightclubs were opened specifically for the gay community which were and still are frequented by straight people. Tailor-made holidays targeting the gay community were also created and are still extremely popular today. Fashion is also a big part of the gay economy. In the twenty-first century, it is cool to be gay!

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