‘Pride’ Parties for Gay Communities

Each year, normally in the summer time the gay community around the world celebrate their liberation and acceptance in the community by holding huge, ‘Pride’ parties. These parties happen everywhere, from New York to Sydney, London to Sao Palo. Millions of gay people and straight people cram the streets and have huge ‘pink’ parades. Here are three examples.

Gay Pride – Amsterdam, Holland.


With the Dutch being so sexually liberal it’s no surprise that this pride party is WILD. Now in its 20th year and lasting 9 days, there is something for everyone. The parade takes place down the river which dissects the city. 300-600,000 people flock to Amsterdam to soak up the truly friendly and unique event.

Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras – Sydney, Australia

Not to be outdone by their Dutch counterparts the Australian Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is a 3 week long party that has over 100 events for people to enjoy, culminating in a large and extremely colorful parade along the street.

Gay Pride – Sao Palo, Brazil

Brazil is already famous for its Mardi Gras and the bright colours and carnival atmosphere, and the Gay Pride festival is no different. The largest pride party in the world and lasting for a week. Tourists attending over the week spend around $20 million dollars

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