Four of the Most Influential Gays/Lesbians in History

Throughout recorded history and probably before that there have been men who are attracted to men and women attracted to women. Normal people like you and I, but there have also been gay and lesbian women who have profoundly influenced the world in one way or another. Here are 4 examples of such people

William Shakespeare, British, 1564-1615

Widely regarded as the greatest English writer in history, helping to form the basis of the English language- still the most spoken language in the world.  There is lots of speculation surrounding the sexual orientation of the famous poet considering he was married and had children. However some of his poems and sonnets refer to loving a younger man, causing many historians to suggest Shakespeare might have been bisexual

Virginia Woolf, British, 1882-1941

One of the most famous female writers to ever pick up a pen. Virginia had a tragic childhood, plagued by family deaths and sexual abuse causing her to have drastic mood swings and fits eventually culminating in a stay in hospital, on the psychiatric ward. It was here that she started striking up relationships with female staff members, usually a lot older than her. Some of her best written work is based on these relationships

Oscar Wilde, Irish, 1854-1900

One of the most famous playwrights in history and also one of the most openly gay celebrities of his time. Being flamboyant in his sexuality resulted in his arrest on the 13th November 1895 for committing homosexual acts, specifically, ‘gross indecency with men’. He went to prison for 2 years, continuing to be openly gay after his release and writing several poems and famous quotes about his experiences.

Freddy Mercury, British, 1946-1992

It was the band Queen and its lead singer Freddy Mercury who brought homosexuality to the mainstream when Freddy tragically died of AIDS after having the HIV virus for several years. This disease was seen as the homosexual disease, which only gay people contracted.  Freddy was as charismatic and flamboyant as ever, right to his death in 1991. The world lost a great singer and spokesperson for the fight against HIV and AIDS

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