What Does the Future Hold for Gay Community around the World

Over the last few hundred years, society’s perceptions and treatments of gay people have changed dramatically. From gay Roman orgies, to Hitler and the Nazis plan to exterminate all homosexuals, to free love of the 60’s, and to finally arriving at the legalization of gay marriages and recognizing gay people, as people. While this seems like the end of homosexual persecution around the world, unfortunately there is still a long way to go.

Portal of the Church of Pilgrims, in Washingto...

Portal of the Church of Pilgrims, in Washington, DC, with a LGBT banner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are still many countries who do not recognize homosexuality or gay marriages and hefty prison sentence and worse are still carried out today. With countries ruled by religion and fanatical religious cults around the world who are hell-bent on eradicating what they think is blasphemous behavior.

There are also many people who are, ‘homophobic’ – a hatred towards gay people, and will happily assault a gay person who just happens to walk past them. Name calling is also a common problem for gay people to contend with.

But on a much more positive note, with the world and each generation becoming more and more liberal in all walks of life, and with proper education at a young age and genuine love for your fellow man no matter who or what he is then these types of behaviors towards the gay community will be a thing of the past, to be put in the history books. And who know, maybe one day there will be an openly gay president or King.

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