Understating the Gay Marriage

Gay marriage refers to the union between two people of the same sex and the term “gay relationship” has been viewed as bisexual erasure by some activists. Such kinds of relationships take various forms which include the homosocially-close form where the individuals concerned are not romantically attached. There is also the romantic form which is sexual by nature.

Depending on how sex is defined scientifically, legally or socially, people in wide spectra can engage in relationships of the same sex. Some of the spectra are asexual, heterosexual, bisexual, queer, polysexual and pansexual. This implies that they are not entirely tied to the sexual orientation of individuals. There are some areas though where gay marriages have not gained acceptance.

In such situations, there is the existence of civil unions and where this has been embraced, it has become one of the forms of marriages practiced by people. Currently, there are states on the verge of passing laws to allow gay marriages; others have allowed gay couples to have equal rights as people in other relationships when it comes to immigration and inheritance.

Such is the case in those states where domestic partnerships have been allowed. There are still those that have not yet brought gay marriages into effect though they have been legalized already. There are a total of 18 countries where this is in practice legally as at today. In the United States restrictions on same sex marriages were rendered unconstitutional after a court ruling though there are marriage restrictions in the constitutions of over 30 states. This therefore implies that those who result to such relationships in such states are not prone to any manner of discrimination.

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