Pink drink: Gay cocktails!

Between wine, beer and cocktails I’d always chose cocktails, while my husband is a huge beer fan. That puts us at odds during happy hours and nights out, when he’s casually ordering a glass of any beer, while I’m struggling to choose between Manhattan, Cosmo, Appletini and Mojito.

Mojito, with white rum, sugar, lime, sparkling water and fresh mint, was and is hugely popular gay drink. While its popularity in the Americas has somewhat waned, it is still amazingly popular in Europe, especially in the Mediterranean. The rum gives you just enough kick, while lime and sugar balance the flavor; the mint is refreshing and hides the rum’s strength. If you’re not of a drinking age or simply don’t consume alcohol, you can try virgin Mojito – Nojito.

Mojito – refreshing and delicious.

Manhattan is one of the classics – it was invented back in 1870s – and it made a huge comeback in recent years. It has replaced New Era Drinks as the main pink drink with other oldies-but-goodies like Sazerac, Stinger or Dry Martini. It is made from whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters; its variations include Rob Roy, Metropolitan and Dry, Perfect, Cuban and Tijuana Manhattan.

Manhattan cocktail

Manhattan cocktail

Appletini, on the other hand, is so new that it’s not even considered a New Era Drink by International Bartenders’ Association. Appletini is turning 18 this year, so maybe it’s a good opportunity to celebrate its birthday by ordering it! Fairly simple with ingredients (vodka, apple juice and perhaps vermouth), it is nonetheless tasty with just enough strength to get you going.


Appletini cocktail.

No list of pink drinks would dream to be complete without the Cosmo – Cosmopolitan was and still is a rather popular cocktail made from vodka, lime juice, triple sec and cranberry juice. It gained a worldwide recognition thanks to Sex and the City where Carrie Bradshaw would gulp them down like a glass of mineral water after a long summer day. One of the Contemporary Classics, Cosmo is still a good choice if you want to get drunk with style.

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