Romance in blue: Gay police wedding in Spain!

Spain is known as one of the world’s gay-friendliest countries, it’s no wonder a gay marriage that took place in Andalusia is making the headlines there days. As leading LGBT media reports, Chema and Jonathan have been together for five years and they’ve decided to make their relationship official. What’s the catch, you’re wondering? They’re both openly gay police officers, fell in love by working together and even got dressed in full uniform!

A heartwarming fact is that the entire force congratulated them on their marriage via official Twitter account – „Long live the newlyweds!“. Though the couple initially wanted to keep it low key, it was actually their colleagues and friends who shared pictures and voiced their support on social media network.

Though Spain was known for Monty Python’s Spanish inquisition and Franco’s regime for decades, today it’s one of the most open and embracing countries when it comes to LGBT rights. Gay marriages were legalized in Spain back in 2005, along with the right of adoption. Barcelona and Madrid are one of the gay capitols of the world – and let us not forget Sitges, a tourist jewel and one of the most famous gay travel destinations in the world.

Friends and family celebrating.

Friends and family celebrating.

The couple stated that they had full support from their colleagues and lots of friends in the force. This beautiful wedding took place in Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, and we suspect it might become a popular gay wedding venue in the years to come. They’re planning a honeymoon in Seattle and San Diego, so we can only say – bon voyage!

Wedding with honors.

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