Tropical getaway – Maldives!

You’ve both been to East coast, West coast, Las Vegas, Acapulco, backpacked Europe, did the Mediterranean… is there anything else left to see on this planet for you and your husband? Of course there is – Maldives! This tropical paradise in the middle of Indian Ocean is just the place you two have been looking for: it’s surreally beautiful, with long white beaches stretching as far as the eye can see; it has high class resorts and budget friendlier accommodations; and its abundant and rich natural life simply begs to be discovered by sightseeing and diving.

There are many great resorts, bungalows and spas in Maldives (Robinson Club, Jumeirah, Angsana Velavaru, Holiday Inn – just to name a few). You can practically have your vacation right on the seashore, waking up next to your husband and gentle waves landing on white sand beaches. If you don’t want to go bankrupt by staying in ten star resorts where you can eat gold and sprinkle diamonds on top of your ice-cream, you can simply go budget and do your own island hopping – less than 200 islands of Maldives are inhabited out of more than 1000!

Romantic dinner right next to the beach.

While there aren’t any gay clubs on Maldives, no one on popular travel sites reported any kind of same-sex related problems. While Maldives are a predominantly Muslim country, everyone is laid back and relaxed, allowing you to have a fantastic vacation in this magical place.

Maldives are a great choice if you want to go scuba diving and surfing – the climate allows excellent surfing winds from March until October. If you or your husband are good swimmers and want to experience a world under the sea (we don’t think you’ll come across Ariel and Sebastian, though), head straight down to Prodivers centre or Sun Dive Centre and book a tour. Maldives have more than 1000 small islands and atolls, so you’ll never run out of places for bathing, diving or having fun!

One of many beaches of Maldives.

It’s much better down where it’s wetter!

If you’re stressed out because you’ll be flying on another continent – stop right there and check this website with numerous tips and information for travelers. If you two want to visit local sights, be sure to check National Museum – the place used to be the palace of the sultan of Maldives! With royal furniture, artifacts, jewelry and armaments, you two can spend an enchanting afternoon watching the glory and splendor of Maldives’ history.

Atolls of Maldives.

Though Maldives are not your typical gay vacation destination, they’re laid back, beautiful and remarkably enchanting – a perfect setting for your tropical summer vacation!

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