Gay kisses to remember!

Who would have thought that a kiss could change so much? After all, it’s just lips touching with a hint of tongue in between. But wildly publicized gay kisses have moved mountains, change public opinions and made hearts melt from joy and happiness.

Brandon Morgan and Dalan Wells never thought they’d become a planetary sensation – but their homecoming gay kiss became a synonym for servicemen coming back home to their beloved (men). The actual kiss wasn’t as shocking as the emotion it conveys: finally, my man comes home.

Finally together!

Is there a person who hasn’t seen Brokeback Mountain – a masterful tale of two tormented souls played by late Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal? This was not the first gay kiss in mainstream media (not by a long shot), but it was done so delicately and convincingly that there wasn’t a dry eye in the theater when it happened.

Powerful emotions and masterful performances.

Ianto Jones and Jack Harkness, characters on Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood, had plenty of gay moments – and it helped foster a new age of mainstream programming down at BBC. Though their screen relationship had its ups and downs, ending in tragedy, their kiss will always be remembered.

Torchwood gay kiss.

Spartacus gave us plenty of toned abs and bulging biceps to look upon, but it also developed one of the most memorable gay relationships on small screens: Agron and Nasir. Former gladiator turned rebel and former slave turned fighter have had their fair share of screen time, even having a few nude scenes.

Passion in the midst of slave rebellion.

Remember Daniel Day-Lewis, the guy who played Lincoln like a pro? Well, Daniel gave us one of the earliest gay kisses on My Beautiful Launderette, a stunning British drama.

My beautiful launderette – famous gay kiss.

Of course, first gay kiss on primetime TV happened on Dawson’s CreekKerr Smith gave us what we’ve all been hoping for! This was the kiss paving the way for Glee and Modern Family.

Kerr Smith and Adam Kauffman making history.

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