Castle mania: 3 best castles in Europe!

Looking to have a memorable, unconventional vacation? You two have probably been around the block a few times, and usual beaches and gay resorts aren’t going to do it this time. Well, if you want something right out of the fairy tale, something that will make all of your friends green with envy and launch you on the pedestal of your social circles, look no further – we’re here to show you the top three castles in Europe!

  1. Castle Neuschwanstein, Germany

Castle Neuschwanstein in winter

No, these pictures aren’t illustration of fantasy books – this is the real thing. Schloss Neuschwanstein (we can’t pronounce it either, but apparently it means new swan stone castle) is located in southwest Bavaria (you know what that means – lots of great beer) and is open to the public for more than a century. It’s the castle of castles, an archetype of medieval castle. Technically, it’s Romanesque Revival, but who cares when it’s so enchanting, beautiful and endearing? It served as an inspiration for a whole bunch of Disney castles, especially the one in Sleeping Beauty. You two will have a magical experience there – the scenery is unreal. Summer, winter, fall or spring, this castle is the real thing.

  1. Castle of Coca, Spain

One of the most beautiful castles in Spain, Castillo de Coca is a must-see if you’re already in Spain (say, Sitges) and want to experience a truly amazing architectural wonder. It’s a fine example of Gothic and Mudéjar styles, has a deep moat (sadly, it doesn’t contain any moat monsters) and beautiful filigree works of Mudejar masons.

  1. Bojnice castle, Slovakia


Bojnice castle

Bojnice castle looks like it’s a part of a fairy realm; one expects to see unicorns roaming around the estate, phoenixes nesting in the park and enchanted toad in the back yard. It’s Romantic (style wise) and enchanting, offering visitors a chance to visit the entire place – with original furniture and other valuable collections! As if that wasn’t enough, a big stalactite cave underneath can be visited during opening hours. You and your man will have a hard time leaving Bojnice castle since it’s so perfect in every way!

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