From dusk till dawn in Istanbul!

It happened to all of us at least once – the chunk of time between our arrival and departure is so large that you can practically rent a room and spend an entire day somewhere where you haven’t planned to do so. But what if that happens in Istanbul (and all thanks to, and you’ve managed to get a few worthy hours of sleep – and want to mingle with other gay guys on the dance floor?

All major gay clubs are located in Beyoglu area – don’t be confused if someone says Taksim, since Taksim is a part of Beyoglu. All gay clubs usually start working around 23h and are open until 5; perfect working hours for someone who wants to be a wild party maniac. The first and best choice would be Club Tekyon (Siraselviler Caddesi street 63) – it’s a huge gay club with occasional belly dancers (all male) and drag shows, with mixed gay crowd. The staff is quite friendly and you’ll have a great time – just don’t miss your flight!

Club Tekyon


In the mood for something more fabulous? SuperFabric is the talk of the town – this new club (Cumhuriyet Caddesi street 42) hosts superb strip shows and other forms of male entertainment! It’s trendy, new and DD – doesn’t disappoint!

SuperFabric club

The Love Club (a.k.a. Love Dance Point) is a gay club on Cumhuriyet Caddesi street 349. Fun, passion and an awful lot of drinking takes place at the Love Club, promising a wild night of hazy memories and morning hangover. Good times are practically guaranteed, as well a few shirtless hunks!

Love Club

In case you’re still feeling restless and light on your feet visit the Kappak Club (Buyukparmakkapi Sokak  number 26). Kappak is a tad more down to earth compared to the top three, but it’s a nice place nonetheless.

Kappak Club

Of course, it’s Turkey we’re talking about – you’ll see loads of hot hunks whichever club you choose as your late night venue. You can even make some new friends on by choosing Istanbul as your destination. Make sure you have enough energy to dance until dawn – and don’t miss your scheduled departure!

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