Dare to scare: Sexy gay Halloween costumes!

Only 10days stands between us and the Halloween – it’s barely enough time to prepare! Choosing a theme, making the costume (or at least renting it), applying the makeup…

It all makes me want to log on to YEC.com – and run away to some exotic vacation destination!

But for all of you who can’t wiggle your way out of Halloween obligations, here are a few handy gay costume ideas.

Sexy faun.

Greek mythology is always popular, and dressing up as faun sends a powerful message – I’m here, I’m available, let us get busy!

Body paint superheroes.

Green Lantern, Cap America and Flash – the holy trinity of comic book heroes is even hotter thanks to boy paint and abs of these delightful gentlemen!

Little mer-man.


When you’ve got long, slender torso and broad shoulders, you can be anything you want on Halloween – Little Mermaid included!

Our spider sense is tingling.

Spidey has never looked hotter – and Cap America should acknowledge that with a kiss!

Oh, Waldo…


This must be the most interesting Where’s Waldo image we’ve ever seen!

13th Halloween hottie!


Jason is scary, but also sexy – we know there’s something ominous about that mask, yet we can’t stop looking at his abs!

Dante’s hot inferno!

Devil May Cry but we certainly weep at the sight of this beautiful (slightly nerdish) and talented young man!

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