How to be romantic: Tips and tricks!

If you two have been together for quite some time, it gets easy to remember all those nice little things you used to do for each other – like buying little presents, bringing him chocolate after dinner, making sure his fav song is on… but not to worry, we have a few suggestions that you can use anytime, anywhere.

  1. Massage

You don’t need to do full body aromatherapy to be romantic – it’s the intent that counts. With that in mind, throwing in a few scented candles never hurts, and if you have lavender oil (or any kind – just so happens I’m a sucker for lavender) you’re a sure winner. It can be a neck massage, a back rub, a foot massage… even

Perfect way to romance him!

  1. Romantic restaurant dinner at your home

Oh wait; you’re not a chef in a five star restaurant? So what – order in! Just make sure the food is hot and tasty, and you can do the table arrangements: a bouquet of flowers, a few candles, serving napkins and so on… he’ll be delighted that you walked that extra mile to make your regular evening at home so special.

Make him feel special!

You’re overdoing it and causing a fire hazard!

  1. Sexy outfits

If you want to do something romantic and sexy but also kitchen themed, there’s an oldie but goodie – wear only the apron! Strange may it seem, but aprons cover just the right amount of flesh and leave the right parts exposed. You can have you own version: maybe you’d prefer just a jock strap or a leather corset… hey, whatever makes you tick!

Who cares about the food, eh?

Of course, if you really want to be romantic, you can head to and arrange a trip for you and your boyfriend – or find a new one if you’re single!

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