Going steampunk!

Couples who’ve been together for some time usually run into the gifting problem. Meaning, they’re all out of ideas what to give each other – soon every special day, anniversary and birthday will become a source of dread and frantic online searches for “best gift for gay boyfriend”. It’s difficult to be truly original and come up with something new, but our crystal ball (bought in Ikea) directed us towards the steampunk gifts!

It’s not quite goth, it’s not really punk, it’s a bit neo-Victorian meets science fiction with a bit of retro-futuristic anachronism and a dash of industrial steam. Steampunk is a weird but beautiful subculture which can be an abundant source of ideas for gifts – for example, this octopus end table will show your gay friends that you’ve tamed the Lovecraftian horror and using it as a table holder at the moment.

Great for casual coffees with other gay couples.

If you’re aiming for a lower price range, steampunk phone case might be a way to go. It’s retro, and retro is all the rage right now.

Extravagant but without the glitter.


Steampunk watches, on the other hand, are not for everyone – but they will attract a lot of (positive) attention if you wear them in casual settings. You can’t go more retro than a leather strap and bare mechanism – it’s even more hipster than hipster! It’s not appropriate for work, but casual romantic walks and gay clubs are perfect for this kind of gift.

Helps you start conversations and makes you look cool.

Great gift for your boyfriend’s birthday.

You might be thinking more along the lines of something you can use as a couple? Or something for your home, some little thing that will add that much needed touch of unusual in your warm family nest? Steampunk cup holders are a way to go – and they have thermometers!

Anniversary house gift.

Of course, steampunk might not be the right style for you – but it’s very inclusive, retro and phantasmagorical; and hardly anyone you know has something steampunk, right? Or just go back to flowers and candy – it’s not like your two years together are something that important, right?

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