Best gay travel movies!

Travelling thanks to can be a lot of fun, but there are moments during every travel when you’re simply dying of boredom. Be it a transcontinental flight, a long bus ride or an Orient Express tour, there comes a time where watching landscape becomes a burden, you try to avoid other passengers’ attempts at conversation and – there is nothing to do! To quite Hitchhikers’ Guide, don’t panic – here’s three great gay movies which will help you pass the time!

That’s one movie we’d never recommend!

  1. Beautiful Thing

Though this movie is almost two decades old, it’s still great – its universal message of love, acceptance and family happiness never gets old. The story unfolds in London and follows two teenagers who are about to discover love amidst unhappy family relations and small minded neighbors. Their heartwarming story will not leave a dry eye in the room!

  1. Weekend

Critically acclaimed and well received by the audience, Weekend starts with a familiar story – two guys end up together in a gay club on Friday night (how many of us have had this experience); but it soon develops into a beautiful story of romance, personal growth and emotions.

  1. The Trip

In The Trip, romance meets history, and we travel back to 1973 and witness the growth and development of romance between Tommy and Allan. We won’t give you any of the plot details, but there’s a fair bit of self-redemption and activism; the movie covers a multitude of years and shows us how their love developed and grew. It’s definitely a good pick if you want to watch a good gay drama-romance during your trip!

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