Dating with HGN – Hot Gay Nerd!

Finding and getting in touch with new guys is the easy part – but what happens when you encounter a Hot Gay Nerd? This incredibly hot subset of gay men is worthy of the trouble, but you have to know a few basic things.

HGN – Hot Gay Nerd.

Star Trek Star Wars

Blasphemy, pure and simple.


You need not know the manufacture stardate of every Galaxy class starship, but Star Wars and Star Trek franchises are separate, independent entities. SW have given us Jedi, lightsabers and Darth Vader, while ST has given us teleport, tablets and warp drive.

Know your SF and fantasy meme

Try to know a few of his favorite shows and books – so you wouldn’t be faced with Picard facepalm when you utter something along the lines of Honey, how did Jon Snow managed to lock phasers on Mount Doom while he was flying through Death Star?

Picard facepalm.

Snow hipster.

The eagles are not coming.



While washboard abs and dancing pectorals are enough to make any gay man smile, it takes something more to make a man stay with you. Regardless of where you found him (for example, will give you a chance to date and travel at the same time), you need to read – and not just Cosmo or New Yorker. Check this handy list and take your pick!

Even Loki knows the power of reading!


Do a bit of costume playing from his favorite TV show or a movie – we’re willing to bet that it’ll have the same effect like using a love potion on him!

For you, I’d dress up like Ms. Packman!


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