Super fabulous: Gay comic superheroes!

If you’re a big fan of comic books and love to read them (even today, in the era of e-ink) while travelling, there’s a good change you still haven’t heard about a few gay comic book superheroes! After you visit and find a travel mate, it’s time to decide which comic you’re gonna choose for your trip! Gone are the days of ambiguous Batman-Robin relationship (though there are plenty of daddy vibes in that one) – now we have several prominent gay characters of superhero community!


Marvel has given the world a lot, comic-wise, but it’s also given us the world’s first openly gay superhero: Northstar! This flying superhuman has the ability of flight, light manipulation and moves at an astonishing speed.

Northstar getting married.


Wildstorm’s Apollo and Midnighter was created by Warren Ellis; their story even included an adoption! While they’re an obvious homage to Superman and Batman, this power couple has its own charm which, unfortunately, ended in 2014 with the last issue of their comic.

Apollo and Midnighter.

gay comics

Green Lantern

While Hollywood hottie Ryan Reynolds received mixed to negative reviews for his portrayal of Green Lantern, we wouldn’t have anything against him reprising the role – as a gay man! DC’s New 52 re-imagined Green Lantern as a happily partnered gay man.

Green Lantern, gay edition.

Hulkling and Wiccan

This teenage power couple from Young Avengers quickly became a fan favorite!

Teen gay comic couple.

Of course, this is by no means a definite list: Obsidian, Anole, Rawhide Kid and many others are purely gay superhero characters, while there’s a multitude of male bisexual characters (like Wolverine’s son Daken). Once you find some new friends on and get ready for your trip, be sure to choose the right comic book to pass the time!

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