Gay man’s best friend: Traveling with your dog!

So, you’ve met a guy on and want to travel, meet him, see the local sights and have a good time. But you can’t leave Fido behind – he’s been there for you when your ex-BF broke your heart, when your boyfriends-to-be would sneak out after a one night stand, and when you did all those walks of shame on a Saturday morning.

Best friends forever!

We do believe this is an overstatement.

If you’re traveling by car, things are a bit easier – you need not ask anyone’s permission to bring him aboard. But do pay attention to your dog’s behavior:

  • Don’t let your dog jump and run around the car;
  • Don’t let your dog stick his/her head out of the window;
  • Front seat is human-only territory: your dog might get scared during ride and jump on you or bark and distract you at crucial moments;
  • Make a pit stop every few hours or so: both you and your pet need to take a break!

Cute, but still a safety hazard!

And if you have a friend who wants to come along (why doesn’t he visit so you can travel to the same area?), even better – your friend can keep your dog occupied and well rested.

If you are traveling by plane, things might become pear shaped. Some airliners will allow you to bring your dog with you in the cabin, but most will insist on cargo hold. Do this only if you really have no other option – we doubt that a Rottweiler, German shepherd or bulldog will be allowed to roam freely during the flight. You’re in a safe spot with dogs like pugs or small poodles, but regardless: better to pay for a private kennel while you’re away than to stress yourself and your pet.

OK on some planes.

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