One night in Bangkok and the world’s your oyster! (I)

What better place to start your Asian adventures than Bangkok – the City of Angels which has a conspicuously gay name! You can find a new travel mate at, or maybe find a new romance; anything is possible once Bangkok puts a spell on you!

Magnificent Bangkok.

Here’s a short list of things you simply must see and do while you’re in Bangkok:

  1. Emerald Buddha

You can’t say you’ve visited Bangkok unless you’ve seen the Emerald Buddha – this jade statue is the symbol and protector of Thailand, watching over it with its benevolent smile. It is located within the Grand Palance, one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.

Grand Palace

  1. Bangkok National Museum

Understanding and meting other cultures enriches and enlightens us, and Bangkok National Museum does a superb job of both: with four permanent exhibitions and a variety of interesting artifacts, you can spend countless hours wandering its halls and taking pictures of Thai culture and life.

National museum

  1. Chatuchak weekend market

Shopaholics, beware! Chatuchak market has over fifteen thousand stalls and shops – it’s a veritable shopping haven! It works mainly on weekends, and you can haggle your way through prices and goods; spend the day there with your new friend to feel the pulse of the city!

Chatuchak weekend market

  1. Thai food

From Tom Yum Goong and Tom Kha Kai to Pad Thai and Yam Nua, Thai food will dazzle your palate with varieties of tastes, spices and ingredients! Sometimes you might not know what you eat, but you will want seconds every time!

Try everything – twice!

There are two main “gay villages” in Bangkok: Silom soi 4 and Surawong Road. Both have a number of gay clubs and bars, but the options of gay travelers are so numerous and diverse that we’ll cover them in the next article.

Clubbing fun in Bangkok.

To BE Continied…

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