All eyes on hot guys: Nashville Grizzlies calendar!

As we have seen before, participating in a sport which is traditionally very macho can be troublesome for an average gay man. It goes twice for rugby, the robust daddy of American football, a sport where it’s expected to break a leg twice during a game and walk away like nothing happened. It’s good to know that a few good men in Tennessee decided to change the game by founding a team which not only includes gay men, but all minorities and other people for whom the doors are exactly wide open in regular clubs.

Nashville Grizzlies, founded back in 2006 (before Lady Gaga, Avatar and Obama) are a men’s rugby union club from Tennessee – the twist is they are a club for gay men and other underrepresented minority groups. With over ninety players on their roster, Grizzlies are known for two things: their sportsmanship & fair play, and their incredibly hot calendar!

They’ve started publishing their now-famous calendar back in 2014 – and immediately saw success; no wonder, considering how much hotness was packed in every picture. With ethnic diversity, hairy muscles and smiling faces, Grizzlies have warmed the hearts of gay men across the globe; with that in mind, it’s high time to visit the States thanks to!

Guys, balls and mud: Nashville Grizzlies.

Neither rain nor snow: Nashville Grizzlies.

Fair play and sportsmanship.

Cuddly brutes.

Mandatory locker room picture.

Playing with Charlotte Royals.

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