Best gay YouTubers!

YouTube has become a part of our daily online experience – and there are plenty of gay vloggers out there who are bringing a bit of joy, excitement and beauty, all packed in a few minutes of entertaining videos on YouTube.

Davey Wavey

Everyone loves Davey Wavey – he usually does all of his videos shirtless, often includes hot guys (also shirtless or at least keeping clothes to a minimum) and covers just about anything and everything related to our orientation, gay lifestyle, problems and issues.  He’s also always cheerful, fun and never gets boring!

Russ Marine

Russ is a marine (no brainer there) who’s also gay and very open about his life experiences. He’s also quite hot and very cute, which just adds to the flavor!

MarkE Miller

What is it with hot guys who make YouTube videos? Well, as long as they’re shirtless and showing a perfect six pack, we’re not complaining!

Tyler Oakley

Author, media personality, activist, satirist – Tyler seems to be everywhere at once. He’s a lovable, intelligent vlogger whose videos are clever and interesting.


Luke and Vinnie are gay and married! It’s a welcoming break to have a couple with a YouTube channel (again, we’re not complaining about the hot guys). They’ve let the YouTube audience in their lives and we decided to love them forever!

And if you’re feeling a bit lonely, you can hop on top and find someone with whom you can watch the videos together – or even make a few videos of your trip!

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